Double Deck One-Way High Frequency Vibrating Screen
Double Deck One-Way High Frequency Vibrating Screen

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Technical Parameters
Model: HGZS-21-1207Z, double-deck one-way recycled making
Vibrational Frequency: 2790 RPM
Separation Size: ≥0.054mm
Feeding Concentration: 25~50% (determined by material properties)
Handling Capacity: 6~30tons/hour (capacity differs from different separation size )
Pitching Angle of Screen: 20~30°(determined by separation size)
Screen Aperture: determine by separation size and material properties
Noise: about 80db
Working Environment:  between -20~40℃
External Dimensions: 3790mm×1924mm×3279mm 
HGZS-21-1207Z high-frequency vibrating screen
The fine screen is composed of a feeder, screen frame, rubber spring, anti-blinding and wear-resistance polyester screen, electric vibrator, bracket, collecting hopper etc. It is mainly used for multi-grade classification of non-metallic mineral products.
Screen panel
Polyester panel (Patent No.: 200820004829.9)
Long service life, more than six months;
The open area is as high as 33-43% and three times higher than the average mesh, equivalent to that of the imported.
Excellent anti-blinding property. The mesh employs the inverted triangular sieve wire. Its screen mesh is narrow up and wide down, a design free of the blocking issue in the sieve mesh  both theoretically and practically.
Analysis of the screen mesh’s service life and its anti-clogging performance
When choosing a polyester screen, one should take into account such major factors as its service life, anti-blinding performance and the open area. The service life of polyester screen is related to the abrasion resistance and diameter of mesh wire. Normally the higher the hardness of the material, the better the abrasion resistance. As for the elastomer polyester screen, this may not be the case. Secondly, the service life of the screen panel is proportional to the screen wire section. The wider the screen wire, the longer the life span, but the lower the open area and the lower the processing capacity per unit area; In addition, the anti-clogging performance of the screen is inversely proportional to the hardness of the screen. The lower the material hardness of the screen, the better the anti-blinding performance. Therefore, the best way to examine the performance of the screen mesh is to conduct a holistic evaluation of the polyester screen material, wire diameter (open area) and the hardness of the material.  

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